Friday, June 6, 2014

Nudge nudge, wink wink

Those of us who read a lot all have our pet peeves. I don't have that many, but lately it's winking. Yes, winking. Seems like a minor thing, and I suppose it is, but why are characters constantly winking at each other in books?

They wink when they're being flirty, they wink when they're being funny, or passing on a secret. They wink during multiple times. Winky winky winky.

And it drives me bananas. I know it's tough to weave visual cues into action and dialog. Believe me, I am far, far from perfect, I use too many shrugs and frowns and head nods. But in my meager defense, these are things people actually DO with some regularity, out here in real life land. But in my personal experience, the only people who wink a lot are creepy old men in baggy polyester pants that smell like whiskey and urine. Winking isn't charming or sexy. Winking is strange and kind of icky, especially when someone does it so often I wonder if they have some kind of seizure disorder.

Or maybe I just haven't met all these winkers out there. Maybe eyes are blinking in bedrooms and bordellos and on streets all over the world as we speak, and I just haven't been exposed to it enough. But it can't possibly be as rampant as it is in some books I've read recently, where there's a wink in every other paragraph. So please. If your character is not an old man with whiskey pants or Jessica Rabbit, please keep your winks to a minimum. Thanks. *wink*


  1. I only wink to my kids, ages 3-10. They don't know how to wink yet and it drives them nuts trying to copy me. It keeps them occupied when we have to wait for something. And yet, it only works because I don't do it very often!

  2. haha yeah, kid winking gets a pass, they can wink all they want.


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