Friday, November 16, 2012

No plot? Kind of a problem

Uh, these words count for NaNoWriMo, yes?  Thought so.

So the theory behind NaNoWriMo is that it's a motivation to get you writing. There's even a book called "No Plot? No Problem!" But I have been working away on my novel and I don't really  have a plot. And it's kind of starting to be a problem.

I should probably disclose at this point in time that I've never actually read the "No Plot? No Problem!" book and therefore have no idea whether or not this relates to my post.  :) I've never let a little thing like lack of knowledge stand in my way of talking about something.

I've reached the midway point for NaNoWriMo, so I am actually on track to finish, which is good. But I'm struggling more and more everyday because I'm just not sure what the book is about. I've got a couple characters and a great setup for a situation, but once I put them in the situation I'm struggling with where to go from here. I mean, I can resolve the situation, but then the book would be over and I'd have to write The End about 12,000 times to finish NaNoWriMo.

I hope it won't come down to that, but at this point my brilliant idea is seeming more like a brilliant novella idea than a full blown novel.

So that's what I'm struggling with. How's it going for you guys?  We're supposed to be about halfway through now... are you keeping up?

I was actually ahead for a bit, which was tremendously exciting, so I promptly got sick to celebrate and wasted my lead. I should really re-think that approach.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I have this tendency with a new project to sit down and write about 10-15k with no plot in mind, and then I have to stop and figure out what happens. Some people can pants from start to finish, but I'm not one of them. Well, I shouldn't say I *can't* more like I don't (and shouldn't) normally. I was in a bit of a panic pre-NaNo because I had a book that was TOO "Empire Strikes Back" for my taste (a lot of cool, exciting stuff happens but there's no self-contained storyline to give it all focus)

    I messed and messed with my story board only to figure out (about 5k in, go me) that I was looking for the wrong kind of focus. Book 1 is all about Jocelyn, Chad & Max. Book 2 is about them, but it's more about the other people in play. There will still be "Empire Strikes Back" elements to Kiss of Life (as there are with most 2nd books in trilogies), but I think it'll have enough self-contained story to work.

    As for how I'm doing on words? We won't talk about that since I had to stop writing and revise a manuscript in order to get it in by deadline. :P

  2. I am not doing NaNo, but I am working on a new novel that I have not plotted out. This is the first book I have written where I am not sure what happens.

    I am a bit frustrated with it. I am stuck at chapter 5 wondering where it is all going and what it is all about. Poor main character isn't going through enough crap in her life, now she has to deal with a mid-life crisis from me.


    I need a writing therapist. (something other than coffee, booze and chocolate).


  3. I'm totally a pantser, but I usually have a better concept of where I want to go with a book than I do this time around... Ah well. You live, you learn :)


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