Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sometimez, I doesn't type so gud.

Typos. Kind of inevitable, right?

I think it's funny to read other people's writing and find the typos - everyone has a few specific typos that they can't avoid. Fortunately, spell check has taken a lot of the guesswork out of typos, but you still get some that you can't avoid.

Typing the wrong word, for instance, so that it might be spelled right, but not BE right. Hello, your and you're. Please figure this out. Especially the whole its it's thing. No, really. You NEED to.

Or homophones. They're a bitch, y'all. Still, it will INFINITELY increase your professionalism if you learn to embrace the differences between them and know which one to use when.

What are your common typos?

I'm forever leaving off the n't off of contractions, i.e. You should do that, instead of You shouldn't do that. Yeah, that's kind of a problem for me. I mean, seriously. That's just plain the exact opposite of what I meant. And for some reason, it happens numerous times in almost every manuscript.

Oh, and then there's when spell check makes things worse - auto correct. Delightfully entertaining in text messages, kind of problematic in manuscripts. For instance, I am, for whatever reason, incapable of spelling definitely right on the first try (thanks spell check!). I often get it so mangled that my poor deluded word processing program has taken on Google's polite suggestion like, "did you mean defiantly?" Ugh.

So, minions, what kind of typos can you not avoid, no matter what you do?  Are they as bad as my leaving off the n't or butchering spelling of certain words so badly that Word is forced to step in and point out how crazy I am?

The point I'm trying to make is that you should always have someone else read your work. When you read through your own work, you know what it's supposed to say. Your brain, helpful organ that it is, often tells you that it says what you think. So you miss your own typos. Fresh eyes can fix that. Or, lacking a pair of fresh eyes (although you shouldn't be, thanks to the big wide internet), read it out loud to yourself. That'll slow you down enough to catch most of the typos.

Also, I've had a few drinks, so if there are some typos in this post, they're not ironic typos. They're just tipsy typos. Maybe they are or aren't. N't, bitches.


  1. My best typo ever was "shitted her weight" instead of "shifted her weight."

    That was fun.

  2. I'll get all the right letters but in the wrong order, usually reversing the final two letters, and I type "teh" and "adn" so much so that Word is set to auto-correct those. And I always want to double the "s" in "occasionally."

    1. I always want to start my sentences with "So..."

  3. I spell Since, Scince.

    A related funny. Love it when the brain throws in an arbitrary word when your struggling to find the right one.

    My hunney and I were having a deep conversation in regards to family "secrets".... The sentence he used busted me up. He said "I don't understand how it is I am the black sheep of the family, but I still end up being the suppository of family secrets" His brain apparently used the rhyming scheme of suppository instead of repository.

    The rest of the evening devolved into commercial ad posts. "Backed up with family secrets? Need fast relief?Call Hunney the Suppository of Family Secrets. Guaranteed to clear your...mind"


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