Friday, February 14, 2014

I'm celebrating today!

Yeah, totally not for Valentine's Day. Sorry people, but my evil heart isn't cut out to embrace a corporate holiday designed to make you feel bad about your relationship status, no matter what it is.

Since my family has heard this a million times and you're my captive audience, I'll subject you to my mini rant on Valentine's Day. I just feel like there's nothing less romantic than being forced to be romantic, especially at marked up prices. I think love should happen every day of the year, not just Feb. 14. And if you're single you feel bad because you're alone and if you're in a relationship, you stress out trying to make it romantic and perfect and it never winds up that way.

On our first Valentine's Day, I told my then-boyfriend, now-husband, that I didn't celebrate it. He gave me a suspicious look and asked, "Is this one of those things where you say you don't, but if I don't get you anything, you'll be mad?" I smiled and told him that if he got me anything, I'd break up with him (see what I mean about being romantic all year round? :) )

So we don't celebrate. I sometimes suspect he wishes we did, because he's a naturally romantic guy and I quash those instincts on the one day a year where it's expected of him.

I'm getting lazier in my old age, though. Instead of ranting at everyone about V-day (well, other than you guys), I tend to let people celebrate and be happy without raining on their parade. If you choose to celebrate, then good for you. Just don't let it stress you out too much.

However, I am celebrating today. For multiple reasons. One, two of my good friends have kids with Feb. 14 birthdays. Two, my best friend had her baby a couple days ago, and although he was born with complications, he's doing amazingly well and that's worth celebrating.

And most importantly, three, because my life is awesome. For one thing, I have a husband who brought me donuts and milk last night just because he knows I love them. For another, I'm PREGNANT!! and I am just now starting to feel the baby move and that's just darn exciting. And if that loses me evil cred, then so be it :)

So today is a good day, whether or not Hallmark tells me it is. I hope you all have a great day, Valentine's or not.

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