Friday, July 11, 2014

Leave of absence

Hello, minions!

It's time for me to take off for a bit and birth some mini-evil into the world. Yes, my due date is rapidly approaching and I hear these baby things require a lot of attention at first, so I've decided to do that. She won't turn out evil if I don't mold her from the beginning.

In preparation for the impending arrival of mini-evil, I've done the following:
- Finished up editing a novella and submitted it to the publisher
- Arranged for someone else to update my website
- Sniffled tearily at the very evil baby blanket and octopus toy knitted/crocheted by the lovely (and evil) ELEW members.

I feel like I've accomplished much.

Be evil while I'm gone... and if you have any last minute parenting tips for a slightly panicked first time mother (uh, I'm asking for a friend...), leave them in the comments!

See you all in a few months!

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