Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby Evil Writers 101: Seriously Guys, You Need Help

Baby Evil Writers 101: Seriously Guys, You Need Help
Julie Butcher

I'm not talking about MENTAL HEALTH HELP. If you're reading this post then you're writing and of course you are this close | | to criminally insane. That goes without saying. I'm talking about help with your writing.

How do you know if you're any good?
What if your scribbles are laughable and will make agents and editors scream and immediately put your name on the NO PUBLISH NEVER-EVER LIST?
Do you have a voice (and does it make the angels cry in an appropriately evil fashion)?

The answers to these questions and more can be answered by promoting evil and helping Crestline School. There are deals to be had guys.

Mentorships: Where the Evil League of Evil Writers and others will critique your manuscript ruthlessly and scorn your tears. Legal critiques, fight scene critiques, full manuscript critiques by awesome (and secretly evil) authors. A partial critique by a LITERARY AGENT!

Since you are baby evil writers you do not know how hard it is to capture the attention of a stellar agent or to get a critique by a publishing professional. It could CHANGE YOUR LIFE. (Seriously guys, professional writers see more than your crit buddies)

Are you afraid? Of course you are! This is acceptable and we enjoy your fear. BUT it is time to sink or swim, time to fly and leave your safe little nest. Time to turn into a butterfly or something else soft and pretty and brightly colored.

So suck it up,quit being a namby-pamby and help some kids.

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