Friday, February 22, 2013

Something about rolling stones and moss

I'm on vacation right now, be warned. I may have had a few umbrella drinks, so this could be a less coherent post than usual.

Actually, I kid. I am on vacation, but it's been a busy vacation. Sure, spending time with the family, sleeping in, and eating too much have all been part and parcel of the vacation, but I've been working on writing quite a bit. Not only have I been fulfilling my duties for the Evil Auction (go, bid, there's still awesome stuff!) by critiquing chapters and query letters, but I've also been working on my own stuff. Gasp!  I know, right? I was shocked too.

It's been so long since I wrote anything (hello, Nanowrimo) that I kind of forgot how motivation gathers momentum. I mean, I'd finished a round of revisions and asked one of my lovely family members to read through it to see if it made sense and while i was waiting for them to get back to me, I still wanted to work. I, who haven't even opened the document in months, was eagerly waiting to get a critique back so I could work more. I even considered starting the next book in the series. Yeah, crazy!

But it's all about overcoming inertia. I've written about this before, I'm pretty sure. But once you get started, it's easier to stay on track than it is to get over that first hump. For me, getting over that hump (hee, hump!) meant going on vacation where I could ignore my day job (well, at least as much as having my work email delivered to my phone lets me) and focus on the things I actually wanted to do. Like work on my YA sci-fi story that I just barely managed to eke out a win for Nanowrimo with.

So now that vacation is almost over, I need to keep being inspired to work on this. It's so easy to slack off and watch TV instead of actually working on my book, but I'd forgotten how much fun I have when I get really invested in a project.

The moral of the story today is many fold: 1. Get up off your ass and go write. 2. If you keep at it, it gets easier. 3. Vacation rocks (don't make me go home tomorrow!).

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