Friday, April 19, 2013

Highway to the Danger Zone...

I'm trying to decide if I should enter a novella I wrote in a contest...  For those of you paying attention, Contests = Danger Zone in the title of the post.

I'm just not too sure about contests. I never have been. I don't particularly like being judged. So hey, I'm human after all, it appears.

So there's the part of me that doesn't want to enter because:
1. I'll be judged;
2. What if I don't do well?  That means my novella sucks, right?
3. It would take work to get it ready for the contest;
4. What if they hate me?!?

But there are a lot of good reasons to enter a contest too...
1. It builds character
2. Working on your WIP to shine it up for a contest is a good thing
3. You get someone's different perspective on it (and they're unlikely to be super harsh)
4. Uh, I'm awesome, so clearly I'm going to win.

Obviously, fear will hold you back, but stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing, in general. Sure, it might feel sucky at first, but you'll grow as a person. If nothing else, it'll give you another experience to help create more believable characters.

Alright, alright. You guys have talked me into it. I'm going to enter the contest.

Damn. If only I hadn't gotten that Kenny Loggins song stuck in my head.


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