Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Frances!

Our most recent recruit, Frances Pauli: ELEW Releaser of the Hellhounds, celebrates the anniversary of her birth this day.

When I think of everything this organization stands for, I often think of Frances. I first met her many moons ago when I was working slush--I believe it was my very first R&R letter, and her book was one of those I thought of again and again. My experience with R&Rs was that they usually went ignored or often I received a rant from the writer for my trouble. Instead, lo and behold, a revised version of her book arrived sometime later, and once I got my manicured claws in, I have not let her go. I've had the extreme privilege to work on several of her books and I love each one more than the last; Frances is the height of professionalism, an exceptionally hard worker, and has one of those writer brains I want to build and fort in and curl up with hot cocoa while I watch in awe at all the twists and surprises her work takes.

The happiest of birthdays to you, Frances.


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