Saturday, June 15, 2013


Permanence. I've been pondering this a bit lately, as I'm in the process of having a tattoo removed. Crazy, right?

I mean, everyone tells you that tattoos are permanent. I've certainly seen more than my fair share of old Navy tattoos blurred on the now-aged arms of older gentlemen. You get one and you hope that it's something you'll like forever.

Or you were really drunk and a tattoo of cookie monster seemed like a good idea at the time. (note, this is not why I'm having my tattoo removed... nor is my tattoo of cookie monster. I digress.)

At any rate, writing is something to consider. If you publish a book, you're leaving a (theoretically) permanent mark on the world. I know that's why some people dream of publication. Your words out there to inspire generations (or at least torment them in literature classes for centuries to come - yeah, thanks Boris Pasternak).

And a book is a permanent thing. In some ways. But we're evolving so quickly these days with technology and publishing isn't too far behind. e-books are everywhere and they seem a little less permanent than a hardback. Maybe it's just me.

But even the real deal, solid hardbacks, can change. I've spotted more than few typos in my days of reading. Whether it's author error or a misprint or something, they're there. And they appear and disappear between editions like will o' the wisps.

So even the written word is not as permanent as you might think. But who cares?  You've been recorded for posterity. And who knows, maybe they will be teaching your book in centuries to come. After all, some of the greatest artists aren't appreciated until they are gone.

There's not any real message here, just philosophical ponderings on permanence and forward progress. What say you?

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