Saturday, July 27, 2013

Whoops, travelling...

Ha ha, oops. I was supposed to post yesterday. I was travelling and swore I'd post when I arrived, but then I got caught up in the whirlwind of arrival and totally spaced it.

I think that's part of travel, no matter where you go. I mean, I only went a state away, back to the city where I used to live, but when you travel you take on a whole different mindset. Things that are easy at home, like keeping to a schedule or a diet, or anything, become wholly different challenges when you're away.

Something about the freedom of change and being thrown off of normal completely changes your mental attitude. I mean, eating healthy is at home, but put me in a different city and I'm like, yay food... all the time. I may weigh 400 pounds more when I get back, but so be it. At least I will have caught up with my friends over a bunch of different meals  :)

Anyways, this applies to writing too. But for me, it works in a good way. At home, I get so stuck in the rut of going to work and going home and being with family and living my life that I often fail to find time to squeeze some writing in. But when I travel, I have so much more leeway that I often cart along my laptop solely because I know I'm more likely to write when I'm travelling. For me, being away from my daily life frees up that creative side of me and actually wants me to put words to paper.

What about you guys?  What do you do differently when you travel?  Can you write more or less? Do you find it hard to resist donuts (I'm asking for a friend on that one, clearly...)

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