Friday, January 17, 2014

What I did over my winter vacation...

Well, I broke the blog, for one thing. Migrating some stuff totally screwed it all up and then I got busy... so yeah, I'm the reason you had to get back to the delicious evilness we keep serving up here. Sorry about that. My bad.

Actually, you know what? Suck it. I don't feel that bad about it. Probably because I'm evil. :)

What else did I do? Ate too much, spent time with friends and family, you know, the usual.

Oh, and I signed a contract for another book. So yay me.

What didn't I do?  Write a damn word. Ugh. I feel worse about this than breaking the blog. I had good intentions, but the annoying about being an adult is that even though it's the holidays, I didn't get a vacation. We usually travel to be with family for Christmas, but this year they traveled to us, so that meant I got to work all through the holidays. Yay?

And I didn't get all that good writing time on airplanes because I was too busy being a good employee and dealing with year end crises and crazy clients. Annoying people. If I didn't have to work with people, my job would be great. Just saying.

Anyways, so no time off = no writing. Because the time I wasn't at work, I was with family.

BUT, I am going on vacation soon. Which means WRITING!! I may be the only person who takes vacations just so they can work at writing. I mean, and see all the beautiful sights of wherever it is we're going, of course. Or something.

So vacation to me means taking a much needed break from the stresses of my real job and working on my fun job - the writing job. I find it very difficult to write while I'm working, because unless y'all want to read book after book about a lawyer who murders her deeply annoying clients, I feel like I don't have a lot to write about.

I need to figure out how to change my attitude. Or better yet, figure out how I can quit my job and not live on the street.

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