Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Huge Thank You for Evil in the World

I always thought that there was no evil in the world—not the kind that I’ve found here at the Evil League of Evil Writers. This is a special evil that I thought was nowhere else.

You proved me wrong.

You’re probably tired of hearing about how my husband (aka Dances with Chainsaws) was attacked by a rogue chainsaw fought off a grizzly bear with his bare hands. But this is an important part of the story so it has to be here. By the time he was in his third surgery, I was in a royal panic about the bills and the Evil League had stepped in with their fundraising super-powers and began #EvilforJulie

Yes, we had Insurance of Doom like every other self-employed person, but that was only enough to save the house if we lived on Ramen for a few years. I’m good with a noodle diet but for my kids—not so much.

Evil showed up from cities and countries that I've never visited. It appeared from people that I've never met or only talked with briefly at conferences. Wonderful gifts of time and books and amazing knitted things poured in. I was awed.

Then evil came from readers and writers. And while Dances with Chainsaws was stuck in bed watching PBS and planning future BBQ’s, the hospital, doctors, and physical therapy bills were miraculously paid.

Because of these special people:

1.      My kids can go back to college next fall.
2.      We have a house and a roof and power.
3.      There is healthy food for my kids.
4.      We can sleep at night safe.
5.      I see the world as a magical place and will be forever grateful.

You all made a huge difference in the way our lives will be. You are amazing.

DwC paying off the hospital bill


  1. Perhaps I speak for us all when I say that there is no one more worthy of my evil.

    May you and yours all continue to prosper!


  2. It is all the good karma you've built up over the years! You are one of the sweetest, uh, I mean evilest, writers out there.


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