Thursday, November 20, 2014

Baby Evil Writers 101: Let's talk Nanowrimo

Baby Evil Writers 101: Let's Talk Nanowrimo

Julie Butcher

I know that some of you have been working your poor evil fingers to the bone. You're banging out words faster than McDonalds makes cheeseburgers. And, I am so proud of you! You're actually writing at a pace that you'll need to be a professional writer.

Seriously, GO YOU!

However, don't even begin to think that you can send that puppy out to agents or editors. Not now and not for a very long time. Maybe next September, after you've worked and worked, and cried evil tears.

Not now. Not next week, and not next month. Are we clear on this? Because here at the Evil League of Evil Writers (you'll notice that it says evil twice because we are evil.) we will come for you. We'll send nightmares and laugh when you're rolling about in the pit of despair. When you get rejection after rejection, we will eat cake and celebrate because you'll be getting exactly what you deserve.

Now. If you are a proper minion of evil and edit and edit and edit some more we won't send monsters. We will however still eat cake because it is cake, cake is evil, and we are evil--duh. We will not laugh at you while we eat the cake and isn't that better?

Now, back to your words.

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