Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby Evil Writers 101: When to Query Holiday Edition

Baby Evil Writers 101: When to Query Holiday Edition
Julie Butcher

I know that as darling minions of evil, you're out there typing away and adding millions of words to your manuscript right this very minute.

Take a breath. Breathing is important when you're writing, and not-dying is also good. You have time to breathe because if you have any intention of querying your manuscript, you're not going to do it any time in the near future. There are a lot of holidays between now and next February. You're done querying for this year.

Agents and editors have holidays, too. They wrap presents and bake pies and do all of the normal things that normal people do. You and your shiny manuscript are not at the top of the pile. A lot of agencies close before Christmas and do not reopen until after the New Year.

This is good news my darlings. Now you know so you won't ruin your own holiday clicking your email. THE ANSWER WILL NOT COME. If it does by some wild spin of the universe land in your inbox, the agent or editor will know that you are eating pie and won't expect an immediate reply.

I'm not sure you would even want an agent who would ignore perfectly good pie to write emails. That is wrong on so many levels I just can't.

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