Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I'm Not Doing on My Vacation

Seleste here, and I'm on vacation this week. You know, one of those things I mentioned in my last post that are good for authors to do sometimes? Yeah. Doing it, plus it's my birthday week, and according to some people's definition, I'm officially old now. Obviously I need a break.

During this time, there are several things I'm not doing.

  • I'm not answering email. Internet costs a ridiculous amount, so it's not happening. I figure if someone really needs me right now, they'll call. (Especially since all my editors with projects currently in the works know I'm gone.)
  • I'm not reading books to review. That's not to say I definitely won't review what I'm reading, only that I'm not reading with that in mind. It's my vacation. I read what I want.
  • I'm not making myself hit a daily word count. Yes, I have projects I should be working on. Yes, I like to stay consistent. Yes, I normally write on vacation. I'm just not going to beat myself up about it. 

What I am doing is:

  • Recharging. The holidays are an incredibly stressful time for me and this year was no different.
  • Reconnecting with my kids and husband. I love my internet relationships, but I want more with my family than the couple hours between the end of school/work and bedtime.
  • Reading. Without the internet distracting me, I'm hoping to get a lot of solid, happy reading in. <3
  • Recon. We're going to places I used in a book that is with one of my publishers right now. I'll be making sure I got things right and taking notes on what I didn't but I'm leaving anyway (more on this in a different post sometime.)
  • Writing (I know it doesn't start with Re-, get over it). See where I mentioned word counts? I stand by that, but I know me, I will write. It just might not be on what I'm supposed to work on. *shrug*

The hope is when I get back, I'm all re-invigorated and ready to put back on my snarky pants and post something fantastically ranty. For today, I'm just going to kick back, soak up the sun, hang with my family, and remember why I do all that other stuff.

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