Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Skyla!

Today, we here at the Evil League of Evil Writers celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our dear co-founder, Skyla Dawn Cameron.

Skyla is more than our beloved Bitchstress Dreamkiller. She is an icon. (No, really, I mean it.)

She is a tireless force of evil. I would not deign to insult her eviltry by labeling her with words like "kind," "giving," or  "charitable," but I will say she's a fundraising superstar (she's closing in on $10,000 raised for various charities THIS YEAR ALONE...what are YOU doing with your life, slacker?), as well as a fantastic editor and graphic designer.

You would be beyond fortunate to know her and have her in your life - those of us who do recognize this fact and take pleasure in your jealousy. (Note: I, the Gothic Goddess, am the only existing holder of exclusive stalking rights to Skyla. If you want them, you'll have to fight me to the death for them. *points to Thunderdome*)

The Evil League of Evil Writers would not exist if not for Skyla, and several charitable organizations and people would be poorer for her absence.

Lift a glass in her honor today. (She prefers vodka.)



  1. (*shifty eyes* This is when you all push me off a cliff, right?)

    TY, Dina!

  2. I was there on the very day that Her Evilness was born. She was an absolutely gorgeous baby and I was smitten at first glance. It's been my delight to be her Auntie all these years.

    I am incredibly proud of the woman she has become and the things she has accomplished this far in her life. I have told her often that I am in awe of her brilliance and amazing talent. I can't wait to see how her life continues to unfold.

    Happy Birthday, Skyla, from a very proud Aunt Judy.

  3. Happy Birthday, Skyla!
    You are, and always will be, my hero. :)

    I hope your day rules.

  4. An appropriate evil birthday song:
    Love you kiddo.


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