Founded in 2009 by Dina James and Skyla Dawn Cameron--and made public in 2011--the Evil League of Evil Writers consists of a group of writers who are evil. Also, water is wet.

Unless we decide it's not.

Mission Statement: The Evil League of Evil Writers does not support whining, crying, sniveling, whimpering or bawling about writing, publishing or any aspect thereof. If you're looking for a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear about the rejection letter you've gotten from a literary agent, or a bad review of your work, you will not find it here.

The ELEW strives to foster realism and toughness amongst the writing community. The ELEW teaches coping skills and eviltry to writers both seasoned and new. Speshul snoflakes [sic] will be mocked, laughed at, and stabbed with sharp objects before being kicked in their butt-hurt rears.

But we like pie. We might fake sympathy if you bring us pie.

Really good pie.

Until we have a contact form up and running, please feel free to contact us through Dina James (dina[at]dinajames[dot]com) and Skyla Dawn Cameron (skyla[at]skyladawncameron[dot]com).

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