Some of these questions actually are "frequently" asked, while others are "occasionally" asked, and still others haven't been asked at all, but we thought they might be.
How did the ELEW get started?
Dina had the idea late 2009 and she started a secret Facebook group. Slowly our membership grew to include a handful of writer friends. In January 2011, Skyla and Dina came up with the idea to make the group public and have a blogging community, and they invited the other founding members to participate.
How can I become an ELEW member?
At the moment, it's invitation only. We will be looking to add members at some point, so please keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for that announcement. We're also interested in having an evil author guest blog now and again. Please contact us if you would like to guest blog.
Can Skyla & Dina to do an evil interview with me?
We currently have a long list of people we're requesting interviews from; should we have an open call for potential interviewees in the future, we'll announce.
What's your comment policy?
The short version? Don't be a dick.
The long version: No harassing or stalking, flaming or trolling, and as Skyla's running the site, you should know she has little tolerance for racism, misogyny, or similar bullshit. We're evil, not hateful or mean--big difference--and we expect a basic level of respect here for members of the community. Comments two weeks after a post first goes live go into moderation, and at that point the likelihood is that your bitchfest will never see the light of day or we'll edit it and eviltry will ensue.
If you're a dick and your comment is let through, it's likely so that we can mock and belittle you, and then disallow any further response you might make in your defense. So please play nice.
Regular problem children may be banned from the site entirely and frequent harassment will result in reporting you to your ISP for abuse. Because we're evil.
Uh oh, will you make fun of my spelling too?
Only if you're a douchebag.
How often do you go through the comment moderation queue?
At least twice a day.

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