Friday, July 12, 2013

Turn around, bright eyes

I picked the title of the post for no other reason than to inflict "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on all of you, because it's been stuck in my head all day and I don't want to suffer alone.

What?  It's not like you didn't know we were evil around here. The name gives it away.

So grab a hairbrush and join me in a rousing chorus of a damned annoying song.

Right, now that we've got that our of our system, let's talk about writing.  Or not. Whatever. It's Friday and I'm killing time at work before I can head home and then hang out with my nieces this weekend. They're 8 and 7 and have ridiculous amounts of energy, but despite all that are super fun. Or maybe because of that. Who knows.

I like hanging out with the girls because they always offer a totally fresh perspective on anything. After 31 years on this planet, I may have gotten a bit set in my ways. Certainly, I've gotten used to looking at things from my perspective as a lawyer, a writer, a wife, whatever defines me. And these girls... they don't have any of that. They aren't tied down to any one perspective and often change their minds and points of view several times in one conversation, much less in a day.

Although tough to keep up with sometimes (they have a LOT of energy), it's a refreshing change to see things through their eyes. Not only are they young, so a lot of things in general come new to them, but they live in Germany most of the year, so I get to hear their perspectives on a lot of American things. For instance, 4th of July. Now that was entertaining.

Of course, they may go away with the impression that Americans are crazy (and I may or may not be adding to that impression), but I'm enjoying my chance at seeing the world through a different (much shorter) pair of eyes.

And I think I can use that in my writing. I mean, your readers aren't always going to be exactly like you. So you need to take a step back, look at your work with a different set of eyes, and see how people who aren't your twins will see it. A beta reader or critique partner can help you do this.

But that's all I'm saying. For now, I'm to go party with a couple adorable Germans.

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  1. Just to return the evil favor -

    (And because I find it incredibly hilarious. This stupid song almost ruined high school. I'm a lot older than you...)

    Good article. All of us need to step back and see through someone else's eyes for a while.


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