Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Evil Writers Will Fix It

On Monday I warned that eviltry was afoot.

On Tuesday the evil began in earnest behind the scenes.

On Wednesday we were ready but for a few details.

And today, I bring you:

Step 1: Bid
Step 2: Raise Monday
Step 3: Help Kids

It's evil.

There is currently a listing of items ending February 15. You'll find signed books, critiques, mentorships, guest posts, knitted and crafty goods, character naming rights, treats and goodies. There are even signed author copies of Lili St. Crow's upcoming YA novel Nameless. The ELEW itself is offering two three month mentorship slots, as well as guest posts.

And more is coming: we have a handful of items going up tomorrow (bringing the first round to over fifty items) and a second round of items coming February 22.

You know, I'm not going to woo you here. I'm going to guilt you. Because every member of the ELEW has thrown in major support for this, Dina has been shaking trees and chasing people down, and I've worked for two and a half days straight, letting out my inner Virgo to organize like a mofo and drive everyone crazy by being an obsessive control freak.

We've even tapped our respective deities for help with this auction (Dear World: It turns out when Christians, pagans, and atheists get together, THEY CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS--maybe give it a try). The least you can do is bid. Bid high, bid often, boost the signal, and get these kids the help they deserve.

And besides the kids, do it for Bad Horse. For she entertains and delights and inspires with effortless ease. Her books have made me cry on many occasions and now it's only fair to make her weep with our overwhelming support (look, I am NOT picky about where tears come from, okay?).

Visit the auction site, look at the shinies, and tell your friends!

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